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Professional Goals B-F

  Developing as an Educator; Professional Goals        Part 2 B-F                       

B.           Reflecting Back on the CSTP Self-Assessment to my Professional Goal


Describe a professional goal you have for yourself.

I will clear my Preliminary Teaching Credential and gain credit for the induction courses. I would like to mentor new teachers in the field of education. I see myself as continuing to develop and grow as an educator and I would like to help other teachers as well as students.


Why have you identified this as a need or interest?

Through teaching implementation, I would like to help all students progress and learn to their maximum learning potential. Accessing credit through professional development will demonstrate my passion for teaching. Also, I would like to help new teachers learn, progress and develop as Educators. Having a cleared Education Specialist Credential along with three years of teaching experience will provide me with opportunity to mentor new teachers. I believe support provided by CTI trainings, resources, support, mentoring and experience will allow me to achieve my goals. For example, colleague input, knowledge and experience.  Accessing website material for lessons, ideas, and trainnings. Listening to all parent concerns and connecting multiple ways to include them in the school and community.


What actions will you take?

 I will actively clear my Preliminary Education Specialist Credential as well as a college to receive credit for my induction coursework.  I will be opened to continue multiple learning modalities and experiences, access a variety of academic learning resources, as well as emotional and behavioral needs.  There will always be new things to learn and link between academic content, individual learning, multi learning modalities and experience.  I will also maintain balance between work and home life.


How will you assess goal attainment?

Clear my Preliminary Education Specialist Credential when I complete induction program. After three more years of experience I will apply to become a mentor with CTI.



How to obtain my goal




C. What actions I will take to remain connected?

I will continue to teach and support Special Education students so that I will fulfill my passion teaching all students to reach their maximum learning potential. I will remain an educator to develop and grow my knowledge and experience. I will incorporate multiple teaching implementations, multiple learning modalities, teach to the standards while spiraling to the individual level, meeting student needs as well as social and emotional needs. I will continue to listen and support parents needs and concerns. I will continue to collaborate with colleagues, parents and students to think of what is the best for the individual student and make team decisions to support the student.  Personally, I will attend trainings in district and out of district to gain professional development.  I will keep up to date with new educational lessons, websites, technology, and project based learning.  I will master SEIS 2.0. Finally, I will apply to become a mentor of new teachers in special education.  It will take three years before I am able to become a mentor. I will have vast experience and knowledge to share with others. This will enable me to help others and give back. 


D. What can you do personally and professionally, to sustain the energy it takes to be passionate about students, teaching, and learning? 

"I'm back into 11-hour work days, which I'd promised myself I wouldn't do again." by Elena Aguilar  

*Work: Work Smarter NOT Harder! Life Drawing a line and setting boundaries Time Make time for family, friends and me.  Breaks and schedules. Continue to learn. Sleep and be Healthy. Celebrate success! 

I will balance work and life to be an effective Educator for myself, my health, happiness, my family and my employment. This will enable me to be a better Mother, Wife, Teacher, Friend and colleague. I will schedule by drawing a line between work and home like the suggested set boundaries.  Through managing my time, planning and organizing. I will take time include spending family time, plan healthy meals, exercise, I had trials and tribulations as well as experienced ups and downs. I value my life, my job and the people around me.  Knowing when to push forward and pull back is unbalanced.  The job as Teacher is busy as well feel like we can always do better, teach more, make more manipulatives, etc. Life if short and balancing it is a challenge.  So, I have not found a one size fits all approach. I believe it’s a give and take balance. It’s black and white with areas of gray in between. As I learn, grow and develop I believe  It will probably be a life-long challenge, but at least I am more aware of it now. 

Elena Aguilar

Concordia University tips:                                  


E. Quote from my colleague and me-

"Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way." by Dr. Seuss

"I believe that every person is born with talent." by Maya Angelou



F. What advice do I have for new Teachers to the profession of education?               

Keep your passion

Educators hold the key to our future.

Teaching is one of the most important jobs.

Life Long Learning 

Keep students, parents, colleagues and staff involved in team brainstorms and decisions.


Special Education and General Education are constantly changing for the better.  


   Work and Life balance is important

           and it is a constant balancing act.


    Remember to ask yourself, "what is best for the individual student?"


Remember every child has a strength to offer the world.

All children CAN learn 











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